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>> bill: appreciate you coming in. >> happy to help. >> bill: the factor continues 27/7 on hope you check it out. remember the spin alwlwlwlwlwlww >> good morning. it's saturday, september 4th, i'm filling in for alisyn camerota this morning. earl is now a tropical storm. it's soaking new england. headed towards nova scotia right now. we have a live report on all the damage straight ahead. >> and new numbers show the unemployment rate now higher but does president obama realize that? > >> we are confident that we're moving in the right direction. >> why didn't he mention the loss of 54,000 jobs? >> and bristol palin showing off cha-cha-cha before her big
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"dancing with the stars" debut. we'll show you her dancing costume which might not be as demure as she promised. our slogan this hour comes from michelle in north georgia. "we watch the morning news to get a head start with the trusted team of morris, briggs and arhardt." thank you. >> hey there. where's that rooster? >> good morning. >> good to have you in for alisyn this morning and also good to know we didn't get demolished by a hurricane last night. both good news. >> both understood negood news but it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. everybody hitting the road. all kinds of flight delays. jet blue offering coupon vouchers for people affected by all this. we have to start with the extreme weather this morning. >> a lot of people were glad it fell at the beginning of labor day weekend. that way, it didn't affect as many travel plans as it could. fox news alert for you. hurricane earl has been
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downgraded as we've been saying to that tropical storm. it is now on its way to canada after pounding new england with wind and with rain. is steve doocy still on that cruise in canada? >> he is. >> live in chatham, massachusetts with the latest for us. were you on the cruise with your dad, peter? >> i am not. my dad -- oh, i was on the cruise, yeah, ended up having to fly out to halifax because i was needed here but luckily, tropical storm earl was a lot weaker than originally feared when it ended up coming into massachusetts last night. it was still a very powerful storm until it left the area about two hours ago. take a look at this. >> it's almost midnight here in massachusetts. we're down by the water and hurricane earl has been downgraded to tropical storm earl. you can see the wind and water are still coming in very, very hard. it hurts when it hits you in the face. you look up and you can see that red flag waving behind me. that's how fast the wind is blowing right now and you can
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see there's a beam from the chatham white house still beaming out light for miles to miles. a lot of people came out to see what was going on. they left the flip-flops here and headed towards the water. they were relying on the beacon to lead them back to shore. even though the waves aren't very big down there, the current is very, very strong should anybody be unfortunate enough to end up in the water. >> and you guys, that -- we've done that right behind where i'm standing here at lighthouse beach in chatham. we heard the storm caused random power outages in connecticut, closed a few roads in newport, rhode island and the reason for isolated flooding here in massachusetts. we'll have to wait until the sun comes up and everybody is awake to survey the rest of the area and make sure everything is ok. it doesn't seem like damage is that bad and the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend here is good. not a total washout. >> looks like a lot of rain there for you. >> bad news is he missed the cruise. >> i know! >> thanks, peter. >> had to go to work, pay the
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bills, right? let's turn it over to rick with a look at where this is tracking. >> it might not be a bad news to get off of that cruise with your parents. >> true. >> good point. >> all right. here's the storm pulling off towards the northeast, moving really fast. can't get a whole lot of rain out of this. it's moving so quickly. doesn't have that much time to sit there and rain. center that's moving off to the east, it will probably be farther off to the east towards nova scotia. this is a look over the last couple of days, very significant, category 4 as it was knocking on the door of the carolinas and made that turn as we had been saying it would all week long. that's what kind of spared anybody any significant damage. you can see it's way off to the east now of cape cod and making a little bit of a farther eastern jog than maybe initially anticipated and that will spare some of these areas certainly of maine and it's going to be out of here really quickly it's moving so fast. next thing in the tropics, we had fiona. that has dissipated. the next thing we'll watch is that blob you see right there, that's gaston.
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it will likely come back and could be a player for us as we move forward about 7 to 10 days from now. one thing that's happened, this big front that's moving that storm has brought in much cooler air. look at the temperatures across the northern plains. we have some 40's and 30's in there a little bit too cool for a lot of people. but it's brought some much nicer temperatures so your weekend instead of these 90's we've been dealing with across the northeast breaking records all week long. there you go, back into the 60's and 70's. guys? >> all right. thank you. >> thanks, buddy. get some sleep after today. rick was up last night doing greta. barely slept a wink but he's a hard working man. >> rick and janice, those are our two folks. it's been up to them. they've been working overtime. >> rest of the headlines this morning, state of emergency declared in new zealand's second largest city. a 7.1 earthquake hit near christchurch before dawn. no reports of any deaths. but there are reports of people being trapped in hundreds of collapsed buildings there.
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authorities say roads are impassable and there are massive power outages. big equipment switch on that ruptured oil well in the gulf. b.p. has removed its failed blown out preventer from the well head and replaced it with a working one. the stack of valves and the pipes expected to reach the surface of the water later today. where federal investigators are take custody. the blow out preventer is considered key to understanding what caused that april 20th explosion and the massive oil leak. and the mother of an oklahoma man believed to have been killed by a prison escapee in july has filed a $10 million claim against arizona and the company operating the prison where the three fugitives escaped. authorities believe that one of those escaped inmates, john mccluskey shot gary and his wife while they were camping in new mexico in the days following that escape. new information on the doctor whose research tube caused a bomb scare at miami's
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international airport. turns out that dr. thomas butler previously served two years in jail. he was convicted of swiping bacteria samples from texas tech back in 2003. butler was on his way home from teaching in saudi arabia where screeners spotted a canister buried inside his luggage and apparently looked like a pipe bomb but authorities determined it was a research tool so they're not pressing any charges. and those are your headlines, guys. >> all right. another big headline we've been following for you. of course, these jobs numbers, everybody is still concerned and going forward into the -- into these mid-term elections, not good news for the president. not good news for democrats this morning. if you missed what happened yesterday, of course, the unemployment rate up to 9.6%. that means 54,0 jobs lost and if you listened to the president yesterday, we mentioned those 54,000 jobs lost. it was noticeably absent from what the president had to say yesterday. take a listen. >> i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead. even after this economic crisis.
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our markets remain the most dynamic in the world. our workers are still the most productive. we're moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up. >> so are we moving in the right direction? as you said, clayton, the numbers sure don't indicate that. we didn't lose those 54,000 jobs overall. 114,000 census jobs have been lost. why the unemployment rate went up? more people poured into the work force looking for jobs. we can go on. but the big one, manufacturing jobs, you never want to see that number going down. lost 27,000 jobs and there's no good news. there's nothing to hang your hat on to say things are turning around, things are going in the right direction. what are they going to do out of the november midterms? it looks like they have nothing right now. the president will unveil something we think wednesday in cleveland. tough to tell what that will be. some tax measures, some stimulus, i don't know if it could have any effect. >> economists are saying the only way out of this to gain momentum is small businesses to
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hire more people. small businesses are hurting. they don't have the money to hire anymore people. >> that's one of the big concerns, president obama insisting and the white house insisting this isn't going to be any sort of new stimulus approach next week. if they roll out a package for small businesses, what they say is this is money that's being rejiggered from other areas and they want republicans to be on board and vote for it. they believe republicans are stone walling against this while republicans think this is just other money, other pork being spent in the areas that don't need it for small businesses. meanwhile, new poll numbers out this morning and some really startling numbers for democrats going forward. especially for november. take a look at this. does president obama deserve re-election? when you look at those numbers, think in terms of what that means for democrats for this midterm election, not for the president. does he deserve re-election? democrats say 73%. look at independents. that's the real number there. better off with someone else. 48% of independents say better off with someone else. remember, president obama courted those independents strongly and strongly came out
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for president obama and democrats in 2008. >> that comes a day after we found out that youth, young people are departing the democratic party at record numbers so not good indications as we go to november nor let alone 2012. how about the latest with the ground zero mosque or the islamic cultural center? park 51 as some are calling it. we've been looking into the developer of this mosque and some of the people who have helped him finance this project and it appears ainsley, there's some shady money in the past for the developer. >> yeah, it appears this guy, one of the key financial backers of this contributed back in, what was the date, clayton, 1996? he contributed to this organization, he says he was contributing to an orphanage but it turns out this organization, federal investigators say that it is linked to hamas. a terror organization. >> it was 1999. >> all right. he contributed money to this u.s. designated terror group. pretty scary. >> we all remember and this
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comes on the heels of what this developer said. he said we would not take any money from hamas, from iran. any suspect organization that would, you know, contribute to terrorism. if you don't recall what he said, here's what he had to say. >> we will not take money from iran. we will not take money from -- from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have unamerican values. >> now, this guy that we're talking about is a guy who was one of the major contributors, $6,000 at least upfront right now in 1999 to this organization back in 1999. we're still not clear, though, and still trying to get information how these two actually know each other. we're going to get some answers to that coming up later in this hour. >> it's also not clear this investor intended to give money to terror organizations or to hamas. it was at the time hls, the biggest islamic charity in the u.s.
6:12 am
he says through his lawyer, they thought the money was going to an orphanage so they certainly -- there are other sides of this story but we will have a reporter who has been working this story exclusively coming up on the show. >> all right. we told you the president, the president is planning to unveil a big initiative to boost the economy next week. well, the white house is insisting that it's not a stimulus but it does involve shelling out a lot more of your taxpayer money. but is it smart to keep spending? that's the question we're asking this morning. fair and balanced debate coming up next. >> and 2012 presidential ads already hitting the airwaves. this one for hillary clinton. except she didn't make it. a lotn do one thing and one thing only.
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>> just showed you these new job numbers showing the first rise in unemployment since april
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but that didn't stop president obama from putting his own spin on the economy. >> the month i took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in august. the eighth consecutive month of private job growth. now, that's positive news. and it reflects the steps we've already taken to break the back of this recession. >> now, word there may be a second stimulus in the works. is this the right idea? here for a fair and balanced debate, will cane, host of national review's "off the page" and penny lee, former senior advisor to senate majority leader harry reid. thanks for being here so bright and early on a saturday. will, let me start with you. is this the right time for additional spending measures whatever they may be and how would the president pass them? >> no. i mean, one thing, it depends on what the spending measure is. i think at this point, we should all realize we don't need to
6:17 am
fund anymore behavioral studies of coked up monkeys. first stimulus was a waste, right, penny? but look, we have a really serious economic problem and we should put it in perspective. three times in modern history, economies have racked up the level of debt the u.s. has over the last 10 years and in all three instances those economies have spiralled not into recession but into depression. >> penny, what is the president to do right now? he needs something. he needs some good news to latch on to. there is none. if not, he needs to show he's doing something before november but it doesn't look like he'll get that done either. what is he to do economically? >> well, i think as the president has mentioned, we did have 67,000 new jobs last month and actually the month before that, they added more to the payroll or more to the overall economy than was previously reported so i think there was some things. immediately, what we can immediately done is when congress comes back, pass a small business tax credit and that is a package that is bipartisan, has been bipartisan ideas to it that completely eliminates things like the
6:18 am
capital gains tax. things that republicans have pushed for and advocated for so long but now in an election year, they say our agenda of no is absolutely enough. it's not. small businesses are out there hurting and they should. this bill does not add one dime to the deficit. and this bill should be passed and those are some small things that can be done. business research and development tax credits. that should be passed fully paid for again. not adding to the overall deficit. >> that, penny, one of the things he may unveil next week in cleveland, we've heard, will, as for that small business plan, it seemed to be something aimed at republicans. but the $30 billion that's intended to increase loans, the republicans are not backing this. how do they spin that? >> look, you know, dave, tax credits and tax holidays are temporary measures. and yeah, i'm all for it. look, abolish the income tax. that's fine. that will help us out. but we don't need a political solution to this. there are two ways essentially
6:19 am
out of this dreadful economy. one, take the hangover, man not we got to work the debt out of the system. we need the correction. two, if you can't take the pain, have the fed fire up the printing presses and shove some money into the economy. those are your two solutions. keep politicians out of this. >> opini >> penny, go ahead. >> printing money is not a solution either. if republicans were serious, they'd start talking about how, how they are going to start solving these issues because right now, all they're simply saying is identifying the problems and oh, we should be doing something but not one single one of them has come out with a solution on how. and the president has put forth many different stimulus of how to do this. >> penny and will, stick right there. we have to leave it there for now. next with our panel, president bill clinton making excuses for democrats ahead of the midterm elections. he says they need more time to undo the damage done by the g.o.p. aren't they the ones in charge, though? also, bristol palin showing off her cha-cha before her big
6:20 am
"dancing with the stars" debut. find out who she says will be her biggest competition on the show. i think jennifer grey, the gal from "dirty dancing". that's my call or the situation, baby. we'll be right back. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty.
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>> president bill clinton hard at work on the campaign trail. yesterday, he said dems need more time to undo eight years of damage at the hands of republicans saying "the republicans say you have to throw all the democrats out because of the economy. we knew we could not get out of hole in 21 months. we need individuals who think and do what's right for you." we're back with our panel, will cane and penny lee. now, penny, let me start with you.
6:24 am
she says, bill clinton, sorry, he says it's too early. 21 months is nots enough time but weren't these expectations set by president obama? >> it's hard as these prognosticators go and as they will tell you, we didn't realize the hole that we were in. bill clinton can speak to this so well, he inherited a bad economy from a previous bush administration and there's no one better to say that the programs aren't in place. we saw in his administration the first two years, it took a little bit for it to catch on and then 23 million new jobs were created under his administration so he is the best testament to what democrats can do as far as restoring fiscal responsibility in this country. >> there's no question he's the
6:25 am
guy you want out there speaking for you in terms of what he did in the oval office, the economy when he was president but will, he also said that republicans are combefshous to evidence citing the fact that republicans won't give democrats credit for anything that the obama administration has done or any of the positive direction that the economy is showing. what do you think about that statement? >> he said republicans are impervious to evidence and need people that think. why don't you call republicans racist and they'll give them an hour long show on msnbc. how am i supposed to unpack this in 30 second? democrats are incapable of intelligent thought and rational discussion. you have 30 seconds, go. >> my, i feel like we're in the middle of a tea party debate. i ain't touching that with a 10 foot pole. >> will, as to the evidence, though, speak specifically about that is there evidence that shows we are turning things
6:26 am
around, all republicans not giving democrats credit? >> no, look, and the argument that they need more time, dave, look i could buy that if there were some evidence that this thing is headed in the right direction but there's very lt z little evidence that it has us headed towards a recovery. >> what evidence is the president talking about? >> when he first took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month is what the economy was doing. we were in a slippery slide going into a deep and depresssive recession, i mean, and we are now starting to come out. we're having g.d.p. is growing, we are not in a v shaped recovery. this is not going to be a spiked recovery that we are seeing. it's going to be slow and steady but it is in the right path and that's what president clinton is talking about. that's what president obama is talking about. please be patient. we know it's not as fast as everybody wants but it's turning around. >> all right. >> that's the evidence. >> you know, dave, i guess there could be some small argument that democrats can take credit for us not going into a depression and all i would say to that is yet. we haven't gone into a depression yet. don't be too proud.
6:27 am
>> oh, now there's the opportunity -- >> will cane, penny lee, we appreciate it. >> happy labor day to all, right? >> thank you, have a nice weekend. >> what's coming up? >> as for the 2012 presidential race, ads are already coming out and the latest one for hillary clinton. we'll find out who is behind that ad coming up next. >> and another "idol" judge bites the dust. who is officially saying good-bye this time? and the familiar movie star face that might be the replacement. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation. bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the differencautomatically. [ale announcer ] when you orbitz, you know.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. here is your shot o of the morning. when it comes to her costume, bristol palin says she wants to keep things on the conservative side for "dancing with the stars." but we'll let you judge how demure this lacy costume really is. >> that's not really a conservative pose there. >> "us" magazine reports it's one of the least risque costumes on the show. she sat down with jay leno last night to dish about her dance moves. take a watch. >> i'm so uncoordinated and don't have any rhythm so we're starting from scratch. >> i think it was a wise choice
6:32 am
to go on the show. yeah. yeah. i was gonna say, that's also how you get pregnant but i'm not going to go there. >> well, you just did. whoa! you just did. there's some of the moves that she was trying. bristol's partner also showed up to teach jay some latin moves. palin says she thinks her biggest competition will be jennifer grey from "dirty dancing" who is also going to be on the show. you know, look, she had no dance moves and no coordination. remember tom delay, that guy had no dance moves. >> he had like the red and white. >> he had like the white man overbite point, remember that? >> right, right. don't you kind of like it, though, when someone goes on that says they're not coordinated and don't have any rhythm because then i feel like i can relate a little bit. maybe i have a chance. >> and then they end up doing well with all the training they end up doing pretty decently, too. >> i know! i know! >> you have to root for the situation. "jersey shore" guy is on there. abs every night.
6:33 am
what else is going on? >> now for the rest of your headlines on a serious note, the death toll has risen from a homicide bombing on a shiite muslim procession. pakistani police say that 65 people are dead from friday's attack. 150 others are injured. some critically after the blast in the southwestern city. the taliban in pakistan has claimed responsibility for this. and we are now hearing the frantic 911 calls for the first time from that frightening hostage situation at the discovery channel's headquarters earlier this week. >> i saw some men on the ground! somebody on the ground and i'm across the street and i see a security guard with his hands in the air. but there was a man like on his stomach. now they just made the other security guard from behind the desk get on his stomach as well. >> 43-year-old james lee took three people hostage before he was shot dead by police officers. while the hostages were
6:34 am
preparing to make a break for it. lee had a history apparently of ranting against the discovery networks. and security firm formerly known as blackwater facing new scrutiny today. "the new york times" is reporting that the head of the senate armed services committee wants to know if it got millions in government contracts by creating shell companies. "the times" says at least three subsidiaries got work with the c.i.a. and the u.s. military and blackwater faced strong criticism in the past for work done in iraq. it's now called z services and the worst kept secret around, we all know this. it's just coming out, though, that kara dioguardi is officially stepping down as the judge on "american idol." she joined the show in its eighth season. and this move follows the recent departures of simon cowell as well as ellen degeneres. that leaves only randy jackson on the judge panel as the original judge. jennifer lopez, there's word that she might become a judge, steven tyler and shania twain
6:35 am
have been rumored to join that show. >> am i an idiot? i thought she was gone a long time ago. don't jump in. >> now the press is being released. all the people that she worked with are saying positive things about her. >> she's great, we love kara here. i think j. lo will do well. you think steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger got off easy? kind of leaning that way. he'll be back on the field sooner than expected. nfl commissioner roger goodell has reduced his suspension from six regular season games to four. goodell was reportedly pleased with progress roethlisberger is making off the field. roethlisberger was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy after being accused though not charged and that's important to note of sex assault by a georgia college student. again, no criminal charges were filed against big ben. at the u.s. open meanwhile in new york, number one men's seed
6:36 am
rafael nadal in action in the second round. nadal had a little early problem but then he moved on for a straight set win. earlier in arthur ashe stadium, third seed venus williams cruising past mandy manilla of luxombourg to advance to round four. and remember this brawl in baseball between the nationals and marlins? boy, if you haven't seen it, watch. it's outstanding. player who charged the mound, nats center fielder niger morgan has been suspended for eight games. the florida starter was suspended for six which is only one start for a pitcher. seven other players and coaches were also suspended. morgan got the harshest punishment because he was involved in several on-the-field incidents before the brawl whiching including a war of words with the fans. i think he threw a ball into the stands as well. best part of the brawl was the
6:37 am
first baseman coming out and clocking morgan. gray shot. like a safety in college football. >> see, yeah, maybe that's what's wrong with baseball. we're encouraging them to go forward. >> sorry. terrible -- >> that's the only reason i go to hockey games, though, most people do that. >> that's terrible. we shouldn't be encouraging that, rick? we don't want to see that. >> exactly. clayton, you always have a good sense of that moral issue. >> that moral compass. >> that moral compass. >> you're my guide anyway. >> yeah, right. >> gives me a lot of good room to have fun. all right, guys, take a look at the weather picture. obviously, we've been talking about earl all week long. this is where the storm is now, way off shore, kind of due east of cape cod in islands, continues to pull up to the northeast. it will make landfall across areas of nova scotia around the next six to eight hours and we'll be done with this. take a look at the satellite and radar picture, you can still see heavy areas of rain across parts of maine this morning.
6:38 am
trees coming down causing power outages. we'll be done with this very very, quickly without too much fanfare. the u.s. has been quite calm for the last day or so. you can see that with this picture. see a little bit of rain into florida, parts of south texas seeing rain and out across the west, things looking absolutely fine right now. there will be a system that drops in from the northern rockies and brings some rain over the next couple of days and across parts of north dakota and minnesota but much of the rest of the west looking absolutely beautiful. take a look at the temperatures. if you want summer, you still go out across areas of the west. denver, 96 degrees. phoenix, it's extremely hot. 109. if you want some fall, go to minneapolis or chicago, getting into the 60's and lower 60's in and around areas of the eastern great lakes so a little bit of fall-like weather for some people as well. send it back to you inside. >> all right. thanks, rick. you know, we've been talking quite a bit about the midterm elections here in november, of course. a lot of democrats and republicans and the entire house running for re-election or election right now. some people calling for 2012 presidential candidates in the
6:39 am
mix. how about hillary clinton running for 2012 election against barack obama? that's what one dentist in chicago has already done. he's rolled out a brand new ad calling for hillary clinton to run. take a look at part of this ad. >> did it grab your attention? i think what they missed there is they should have taken the she out. right? then it would have left you guessing, who is this person? the she leads you right away, you know who they are talking about. >> maybe they shouldn't have included the giant imperial star destroyer from "star wars." >> i thought i was watching "star trek" what the heck? >> 5 grand on this thing to get it running and it's going to be
6:40 am
running in some major cities. >> yeah, it ran in new orleans. they would like to run this ad in washington, new york, los angeles, possibly houston, you mentioned earlier a dentist from chicago is paying for this ad. here's what he says. i'm a dentist and i don't think the country is headed in the right direction. >> now, this comes on the heels of a new poll that we've been looking at and whether or not americans think she would be a good choice for the presidency. the fox news opinion dynamics poll. which job do you think would be best for hillary clinton? 36% say current secretary of state. in fact, a lot of people think she's been doing a great job there but for president, 12% think she would be a great president. 11% vice president and on down the line. >> i'm surprised at that. i thought that number would be a lot higher. we've seen her popularity in the last six months, maybe above anyone else in the administration, i thought she would come in better than that. >> the women in barack obama's administration have high opinion
6:41 am
ratings. first lady michelle obama's ratings are really high. hillary clinton's approval ratings in the 60's. they were her on the campaign trail. men seem to be the one hurting. >> is this a waste of money? she says probably yes because she's already said she's not running again in 2012. >> that's a good point, too. e-mail us and let us know what you think. would you like to see president hillary clinton? >> she just planned that wedding. >> she could use a break. i don't know. she's working hard and all over the world. let us know. friends at get us on twitter and maybe by the 8:00 hour, we'll have ainsly on twitter. >> i get this e-mail in the middle of the night and it says, welcome to twitter. here is -- you know, you need to log on -- he's trying to get me to do twitter and apparently signed me up. >> i'm listening to the viewers. they want you on there. >> what's my password? >> we'll tell you later. >> say that on the air. >> should i tell viewers? >> he promised not it take money from terrorists but is he? there's an astonishing connection between the developer behind ground zero mosque and
6:42 am
terrorists. the reporter who just broke that story coming up. >> and check this out. a plane crashes right into a house. everyone is a-ok! look at that. incredible video. where it happened next.
6:43 am
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>> 3:45 out west. is that right? time for a few quick headlines. california may change the way it calculates pensions after that salary scandal. investigators are looking into whether former bell city manager robert rizzo is entitled to his entire $600,000 pension. and dramatic pictures from a single engine plane crash in oregon. authorities say it stalled and nose dived into the roof of
6:46 am
homes south of portland yesterday. both the pilot and home owner survived. ains? >> millions of americans remain out of work and new job numbers show that 54,000 new jobs lost just last month, president obama is reaffirming his commitment to america's workers and the middle class. in his weekly address, he says government investments will lead to jobs. julie kurtz is in washington with more. hey, julie. >> hey, the president is using his labor day weekend address this morning to talk about what he's done so far to try to jump-start the economy and help people get back to work. his comments follow news that the private sector added 67,000 jobs in august with some of the strongest gains in health care, food service, and temporary help. but at the same time, what you've been saying this morning, the labor department reports the economy showed 54,000 jobs in august as 114,000 census workers received their pink slips.
6:47 am
here's obama this morning. >> we're fighting to build an economy in which middle class families can afford to send their kids to college. buy a home. save for retirement and achieve some measure of economic security when their working days are done. and over the last two years, that has meant taking on some powerful interests that have been dominating the agenda in washington for far too long. >> but republicans this morning point to the slow pace of economic growth this summer with the job markets still treading water. >> the obama administration told the american people this would be a recovery summer. but our economy continues to lose jobs. growth has slowed to anemic levels. our national debt is growing by more than $4 billion per day. so as it turns out, recovery summer was nothing more than a meaningless slogan. >> well, obama administration officials say a big new stimulus bill like last year's $862 billion measure is not on the horizon right now. but the president says he will
6:48 am
propose a new set of ideas next week, watch for him to detail them in a speech on the economy on wednesday from cleveland. >> we'll be watching. thank you. he said he wouldn't take money from terrorists but that might not be the case when you follow the trail. the reporter who just found the shocking connection between the developer behind ground zero, that mosque at ground zero, and terrorists. that's coming up next. plus coming up in the next hour, shocking back-to-school items. a mouse pad that promotes beating up honour roll students? and that's not the worst of it. just business or promoting bad behavior? what is it? we report, you decide. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh. oh. see that? great job. ok, now let's geady for the ball... here it comes... here you go. good catch. perfect! alright now fo. let's see your pour. ohhh...let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? oh, yea. let's go for it... around the bowl and...
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. the developer of the proposed mosque near ground zero claimed he was steering clear of terrorist groups when it came to funding that project. >> we will not take money from iran. we will not take money from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have unamerican values. >> however, fox investigators learned the man who actually bought the mosque has credibilitied thousands of dollars to a terror group. charles leaf is a reporter at fox 5 here in new york and he's here with some shocking information about this. charles, good morning. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> what have you learned? connect the dots for us here. when we hear sharif el-gamal say that they will not take money from terrorist organizations, is that the case? >> well, it depends on how you dissect this but we were not satisfied with that answer. frankly, we've not been satisfied with a lot of the nonanswers that we've received. so we started digging into this. and what we found is that one of el-gamal's financial backers, someone who made a significant
6:53 am
investment in the mosque is a man man, this gentleman, an egyptian-born man actually had been sending money to a terrorist organization back in 1999. that organization is the holy land foundation. so we've drawn a link between this man, a terrorist organization, and the mosque. >> what we're hearing from this guy, what we're hearing from his attorneys is and from other individuals in this organization you're talking about that he gave money to, this hlf, is that correct? >> hlf. >> that he along with a lot of other people were, perhaps, duped into believing this was an orphanage donation. they were giving money to charity but in fact this money was going to fund hamas in some way. >> that's what his attorney told me. however, anybody who has any knowledge of the terrorism world and understanding these organizations will tell you and
6:54 am
have told us as late as the 1990's, it was apparent because it was being reported and speculated all over the place that the united states government suspected this group, hlf, of funding hamas. so if he had even done the most basic research, he would have been able to determine that this was at least an organization that was suspected of funneling a terrorist group. >> right. this was well known they were being investigated at that time. so if you were concerned about where your charitable donations were going to, you would have done some homework to figure that out. >> absolutely. >> another big question, though, from these guys is how do they know each other? how does el-gamal know this guy elzanaty? do we have the answer yet? >> it's still a little shady exactly -- or i should say it's unclear at this point exactly how these two have come together. but we do know that they've done some real estate deals together. we know that elzanaty backed a $39 million loan that el-gamal did on another property in manhattan. so the two have had some real estate ties together. but in terms of how they
6:55 am
actually came together, his attorney says it's not really clear to him either and elzanaty is not divulging the details of the relationship. >> has el-gamal responded once you have this connection? >> sharif el-gamal has refused to talk to fox. he's avoided us at all costs. i've actually tried to speak with him. i've basically made all the requests. i showed up at his place of where he lives and i tried to ask him a few questions and he literally ran from me and that -- he's maintained that position where he just is refusing to talk to us. >> well, great work on this story, charles. stay after it and keep us abreast of what you guys find. >> thank you. >> thanks. coming up on the show, more calls for congressman charlie rangel to resign. why even more people want him to step down and is he dipping into his campaign -- excuse me, his campaign funds to pay his lawyers? then do the hokey pokey. the world record attempt is straight ahead.
6:56 am
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>> good saturday morning, september 4th. i am filling in for allison cam rota. earl is a rop top storm and soaking part of the note east and head to canada. that's coming up. >> some states allowing people in pain smoke marijuana. but for the employers it is a different matter. people getting pink strips after failing drug tests. >> shocking items. mouse pad that promotes bad behavior. we report and you d

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